What a REALTOR® Can Do For You!

As an association of more than 3700 licensed agents in the Greater Greenville area, we talk all the time about why you should use a REALTOR® to help you, whether you are looking to purchase or sell a new or existing home. A REALTOR® doesn’t just put a sign out in the yard and wait for the home to sell itself. There are so many facets of the process that one might not think can be enhanced by using an experienced real estate agent.

Let’s start by naming some of the basic professional standards that a licensed REALTOR® is expected to uphold. It may or may not be obvious, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention these crucial ideals. Every agent is required to make a diligent effort to carry out their fiduciary duties to their clients. These duties include the follow:

-          Care – a reasonable amount of attentiveness

-          Loyalty – acting in the best interest of their client

-          Obedience – abiding, in a lawful way, by the wishes of the client

-          Accounting – full disclosure of all financial manners

-          Confidentiality – in all manners relevant to the client

Aside from these duties though, it is also important to remind folks some of the other things that the common buyer or seller might not consider. These include choosing relevant resources that can be either required or pertinent to the process. An experienced agent can give you important advice throughout the process, but also provide a list of contacts to help you before, during, and after the final papers are signed at the closing table and the keys to your home are in hand. 

When purchasing a home, especially if it will be your first home, the list of action items might include any or all events listed below. Your REALTOR® can be an invaluable resource in helping you choose competent professionals and make sure these events are scheduled in a timely manner that adheres to your contractual agreement.

-          Finding a lender and getting pre-qualified

-          Sources related to the home inspection process that include, but are not limited to home inspectors, termite inspectors, radon testing, and surveyors

-          Closing attorneys

-          Moving companies

-          Incidental after close resources like locksmiths, painters, renovation specialists, contractors, etc.

Preparing your home for sale can be even more important because prior to letting the first prospective buyer through the front door, there are many factors that should be completed which can help to get you top dollar. Your REALTOR® can also be there to help the process run smoothly from contract to closing.

-          Pre-listing issues relating to prep work such as carpet cleaners, painters, contractors, pressure washers, etc.

-          Professional staging assistance to help with décor, decluttering, furniture staging, and minor updates

-          Professional photographers to help your home show it’s best in all marketing materials

-          Contractors that might be needed to handle repairs discovered during inspections

-          Other important factors related to the transaction including, but not limited to ordering home warranties, arranging for showings/obtaining feedback afterwards, obtaining relevant comparable properties to justify the home’s value

-          Much more!

The main thing to remember is that using a REALTOR® gives you assurance that you are working with an educated, licensed professional, tasked to uphold a strict code of ethics that will help to guide you every step of the way.


The National Association of REALTORS® is America’s largest trade association, representing more than 1.4 million members involved in all aspects of the residential and commercial real estate industries.

Greater Greenville Association of REALTORS® represents over 3,700 members in all aspects of the real estate industry.  Please visit the Greater Greenville Association of REALTORS® web site at www.ggar.com for real estate and consumer information.

“Every market is different, call a REALTOR® today.”