WOW, the market is as good as I can remember in my 17 years in real estate! That is typically the response I have when someone asks me about business. Actually the first question is usually, how have you been and how is your family? But, if the person knows who I am, they will soon ask how business is going. Since the business of real estate seems to always be on the back of everyone's mind, mainly because everyone's home tends to be one of their biggest investments, it is a topic many like to hear about from a practicing professional. Let's take a quick look at one of the most recent Multiple Listing sold statistics for Greenville, released by our association on February 12, 2015.

Our current inventory shows about the same number of active listings as this same time last year, but the average price is up 7.3%. This would indicate definite optimism is continuing to thrive. The actual average sold price is up 8%! The number of sales year to date is up almost 18% and days on the market down almost 6%.  If you take into consideration that inventories have remained low for the past two years, you can understand how demand would be at an all time high.

This fact might lead many to believe that they don't need to assistance of a professional when selling their home. For those who are thinking along these lines, let me list some of the road blocks to a successful real estate transaction: Over pricing leads to failed transaction due to appraisals coming in low. Non disclosure issues can lead to discovery from inspections and in some cases litigation from these non disclosures. Multiple offers from unrepresented purchasers can lead to anger from the parties who lost, or even regret from the parties who won...leading in some cases to litigation from these individuals. These can certainly be worst case scenarios, but when you add in the benefits I can provide, like recommended attorneys, lenders, inspectors, home staging consultants, contractors (from plumbers to pest control experts) and a host of others, how can one think you wouldn't be better off with a licensed and experienced professional to handle the transaction?

Remember, the market is hot! Don't let what may be the biggest financial decision in your life be your worst. Call a real estate professional like myself to get your moving in the right direction!

Greenville SC MLS Sold Statistics 2-10-15